Safeguarding and Child Protection– everyone’s responsibility

Most children enjoy generally happy childhood experiences within their own family. Unfortunately for some, this is not always the case, especially during difficult family times.

As a school, we have a duty to ensure that arrangements are in place for safeguarding.

Safeguarding means ensuring the safety and welfare of all children and, in addition to child protection, covers aspects of school life such as attendance, behaviour, first aid, health and safety, the curriculum and equality, to name but a few.

Child protection means protecting children from physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or neglect. It also means helping children to grow up into confident, healthy and happy adults.

If you have any concerns, relating to safeguarding, about a child at our school who you feel needs additional help and support, please do come and speak to one of the members of staff listed below:

Key Personnel:

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Amrit Dokal, (Headteacher)

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Hardeep Rupra (Deputy Headteacher) and Harman Dev, (Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Lead)

The designated Trustee who acts as a link between the DSL and the Edison Trust Committee is Suvir Rai

Suvir Rai is also the designated Trustee responsible for liaising with the Local Authority and/or partner agencies, as appropriate, in the event of allegations being made against the Headteacher.  

Posters with photos of our DSL and Deputy DSLs are displayed in our staff room and in our main reception area.

If you think that a child or young person is at risk from abuse or neglect; contact London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) services immediately. If you feel urgent action is needed contact the police on 999. If you suspect ill treatment of a child or young person you can contact Children’s Services on 020 8583 6600 Option 2.

It is important to act fast if you suspect abuse as some signs of abuse can disappear quickly. If you are uncertain, you might find it helpful to discuss your worries with someone you know who works with children and families. This could be a teacher, school nurse, health visitor or social worker.

London Borough of Hounslow Children’s Services office is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, and Friday 9am to 4.45pm.

Children’s Services
Hounslow Civic Centre
Green Zone
Lampton Road,
Hounslow, TW3 4DN

Telephone 020 8583 6600 Option 1. Out of hours (after 5pm weekdays or weekends) call 020 8583 2222 and ask to speak to the duty social worker. 

You do not have to give your name, and your conversation will be treated confidentially.