Kagan Cooperative Learning

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Intent Statement:

The intent of implementing Kagan cooperative learning at Edison Primary School is to create a collaborative and inclusive educational environment where students actively engage with each other, fostering academic excellence, social growth, and a sense of belonging.

Implement Statement:

Kagan cooperative learning will be implemented at Edison Primary School by training teachers in the various cooperative learning structures provided by Kagan. Teachers will incorporate structured cooperative learning strategies into their lesson plans, such as Rally Robin, Timed Pair Share, and Rally Coach, to promote active student engagement, interdependence, and equal participation. Teachers will also provide ongoing support and guidance to students to ensure successful implementation of the structures, teambuilding / classbuilding games (for social skills) and silly sports and goofy games (nourishment for brain).

Impact Statement:


The implementation of Kagan cooperative learning at Edison Primary School will have a significant impact on both students and the overall learning environment. Students will experience improved academic achievement as they actively participate in active cooperative learning activities, leading to deeper understanding and retention of the curriculum. They will also develop essential social and communication skills through collaboration and teamwork, enhancing their ability to work effectively with others. The implementation of Kagan cooperative learning will contribute to the creation of a positive classroom culture, where students feel valued and included. This approach will foster a sense of belonging and connectedness among students, leading to increased motivation, self-confidence, and overall well-being. Furthermore, teachers will witness a more engaged and participatory classroom, resulting in higher levels of student achievement and a more enriching educational experience for all students at Edison Primary School.

- Harman Dev (Kagan Lead and certified trainer)




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