Home School Agreement

The aim of our school is:

To include everyone, staff, pupils, pupils, parents, trustees and the wider community in providing a caring, stimulating environment which enables everyone to feel valued and achieve their full potential.

This goal will only be achieved if:

• there is a shared commitment by pupils, parents and the school
• a high quality education is provided as the right of every child
• effective learning is achieved by positive discipline

We ask you to share with us a commitment to a quality experience for your child.

Pupil and Parent Expectation of our School

The school will:

• provide a safe, well ordered and caring environment where learning can take place

• provide a place where each pupil is valued as an individual

• maintain a happy and enjoyable school ethos
• follow the Every Child Matters outcomes for all our pupils
• provide access to broad and balanced curriculum
• provide a range of opportunities and challenges to enable pupils to achieve their full potential
• provide regular information about progress and performance
• provide opportunities to express views on wider school issues
• provide work of a suitable standard for each child to that they can engage with the work and be challenged by it
• provide opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress, conduct and achievements and to provide an annual written report
• listen to any parental concerns and we will act upon them

The School’s Expectations of Parents and Pupils

We expect you to:

• ensure regular and punctual attendance
• notify school on the first day of absence
• have holidays during the school holiday period outside term time
• encourage effort, achievement and positive behaviour
• encourage completion of quality homework and return it to school on time
• encourage your child to avoid any media or activities that could result in negative behaviour
• support the school Code of Conduct and guidance necessary to ensure the
smooth running of the school
• participate in discussions concerning progress and attainment
• ensure correct school uniform and P.E. kit is worn

Code for Classroom Behaviour

• listen carefully to all instructions given by the teacher
• follow process for “What to do if I need help”
• participate fully in all lessons and remain focussed on task
• treat others, their work and equipment with respect
• talk to others politely
• reflect on my behaviour
• accept responsibility for my actions
• maintain a smart appearance at all times
• take responsibility for my things

Out of Class Conduct

• Pupils should always act in ways, which bring credit to the school
• Pupils should behave in accordance to the school’s positive behaviour policy
• Pupils should not bring items from home unless requested by a teacher
• Pupils should take pride in their school environment and avoid damage or littering