Curriculum and Learning

Approaches to learning and expectations

At Edison we aim to produce well rounded children with a sense of community at the end of their time with us. We give the pupils a wide range of experiences which will enthuse and excite them and thus encourage high quality learning. We have high expectations of all. We believe that our curriculum should prepare pupils for life in a fast changing society. We place emphasis on the development of six learning behaviours and teach our pupils to be:

  Enthusiastic Learners

  Determined Individuals

  Inspiring Thinkers


  Open and Respectful

  Nurturing in approach

These qualities can be developed at home as well as at school, hence we place emphasis on engaging parents/carers to work in partnership with us. Our curriculum is innovative in that we seek to teach key life skills as well as knowledge. The pupils will know which skills they are striving to develop in their learning and assess their progress at the end of session. Personal development and academic development is of equal importance at Edison.  

Play Therapy at Edison Primary School

Please have a look at our leaflet for Play therapy which carried out by a trained therapist at our school.

If you have any questions regarding this service please email for the attention of the Deputy Headteacher

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this service.