School Meals

School lunches are provided for the children by Wilson Jones Catering, who prepare food at Edison Primary. Menus are changed each term and are circulated in advance to enable you to order your meals online via ParentPay.

School dinners are funded by the Government and are free for all children in Reception (and this will continue until the end of Year 2): You just need to complete a form, which is available from the school office.

Over 95% of our children eat a school meal and we are very proud of this fact. Especially as then we can ensure that they are eating a balanced meal. However, should you choose to send your child with a packed lunch we request that it is a healthy meal, that is - no sweet fillings, chocolate snacks or sweets and only water to drink. Due to the growing number of serious allergies, we are a nut-free school, so please do not put nuts into the lunch box. Lunches should be in a named lunch-box.