Meet the Team

Amrit Dokal

A Dokal


Hardeep Rupra

H Rupra

Deputy Headteacher

Harman Dev

H Dev

Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Lead

Daya Bimrah

D Bimrah

Phase Leader for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Class Teacher - Reception (Newton)


S Kamal

Class Teacher - Reception (Bell)

Simi Sanghera

S Sanghera

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) - Reception

Rebecca Neo

R Neo

Class Teacher - Year 1 (Franklin)

Arpita Bhattacharya

A Bhattacharya

Class Teacher - Year 1 (Watson)

Hifshah Malik

H Malik

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)


C Matharu

Phase Leader for Years 1 and 2, Class Teacher - Year 2 (Fleming) Maternity Leave

Sarbjit Chandale

S Chandale

Class Teacher - Year 2 (Pasteur)

Oriana Rose

O Rose

Class Teacher (Maternity Cover) Year 2 (FLEMING)

M Khan

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Fariba Salimi

F Salimi

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Kabita Kochhar

K Kochhar

Phase Leader for Years 3 and 4, Class Teacher - Year 3 (Faraday)

Sunita Juneja

S Juneja

Class Teacher - Year 3 (Curie)

Sushil Padwal

S Padwal

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Varsha Misra

V Misra

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Conor McDonnell

C McDonnell

Class Teacher - Year 4 (Goodall)

Afreenish Ali

A Ali

Class Teacher - Year 4 (Carson)

Amir Emadi

A Emadi

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Harman Dev

H Dev

Phase Leader for Years 5 and 6, Class Teacher (Maternity Cover) - Year 5 (Jemison)


R McIlroy

Class Teacher - Year 5 (Armstrong)

Suki Khangoora

S Khangoora

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) - Years 5 and 6

Aamina Khan

A Khan

Class Teacher - Year 5 (Jemison) - Maternity Leave


M Begum

Class Teacher - Year 6 (Einstein)

Nemanya Oskorus

N Oskorus

Class Teacher - Year 6 (Hawking)


G Romeril

PE Teacher

Lisa Francis

L Francis

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDC0)

Jenny Thorburn

J Thorburn

School Business Manager (SBM)

Asha Sahans

A Sahans

Finance and Office Manager

Monica Pallan-Sharma

M Pallan-Sharma

Office Administrator (Attendance and Admissions)


J Chana

Office Administrator

Takdeer Suri

T Suri

Office Administrator (Purchasing and ICT)


J Khan

Site Manager

Debbie Spenceley

D Spenceley

Lunchtime Supervisor

61B3041BD7 Nasra

N Mohamed

Lunchtime Cleaner

Gagan Mahal

G Mahal

Early Birds and Night Owls Leader

Jagtar Gill

J Gill

Early Birds and Night Owls Leader