Able, Gifted and/or Talented


At Edison, we are committed to providing an environment which encourages all pupils, including more able pupils to maximise their potential a high level of performance in an academic and non-academic areas.

A High Achiever can be usually defined as the top 5-10% of academic achievers however high achievers are also identified in non-academic areas.

We aim to encourage pupils to be independent learners and provide work at an appropriate level and throught use of Kagan cooperative learning opportunities for pupils to work with like-minded peers both within school and the wider community.

Provision for pupils is through 'High Quality Teaching', use of adaptive learning in the classroom, teacher expectation of pupil performance and additional learning activities wherever possible.

In addition, we encourage our pupils to showcase their skills by taking part in competitions and engage in extracurricular activities such as clubs, performances, and community service projects, allowing them to explore their interests, build confidence, and develop a well-rounded skill set.